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Trainings and Presentations

A curated page to access training content

Florian Dahlitz
1 min
June 19, 2021


This is a curated list of training courses and presentations that have been given by me. You can find the course materials at

Training Courses

  • Introduction to Python (Jul. 2019): As part of my fourth internship I held a training course for 15 internal developers and consultants teaching them the basics of the Python programming language. The course was divided into presentational parts, where the concepts were presented using PowerPoint, and hands-on parts, where the Python REPL was used. You can find the course material at GitHub and the documentation at


  • Introduction to Docker (Mar. 2019): During my third internship I was working as a technical consultant at a clients office. I was mainly developing microservices in different teams and helped to orchestrate them using Kubernetes. As one of the client's customers was mainly working with Docker, I was asked to hold an one-hour presentation and give 12 developers an introduction to Docker. Therefore, I gave an overview of the general concept of containers as well as a more tailored overview about Docker. Subsequently, we discussed a hands-on example project including all major concepts discussed earlier.