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This project was part of my second internship @ IBM. It was more a Proof of Concept (PoC) than a project meant for production. However, after revealing the possibilities of it, it may come into production one day. What was this project all about? Many companies are using some sort of SAP ERP system to handle their internal procurement processes. For employees of large companies without direct access to the ERP system it's nearly impossible to get information about the status of their order. However, the ERPs data can be accessed through the oData protocol.


I've designed and implemented an interface for accessing those information. Furthermore, I've implemented a web interface (AngularJS) the user can use as well as the backend (Java EE) making use of the interface. How does the process look like in the real world? If a user orders certain material, he or she receives a reference number. The user can now visit the web interface and enter the reference number. The relevant data is now displayed. This includes information about what was ordered as well as information about the current purchase order status and the purchasing agent responsible for each article.